Two Once Removed

Can a lingering regret and wonder of what remains of a love that ended tragically decades ago be too great to ignore when empty-nest loneliness, stale marriages, and the stars appearing to ‘align’ to give the opportunity to reconnect?Callie Larson is a fifty-year old dedicated mother of three college-age and adult children. Married to a prominent D.C. political campaign consultant, she lives a storybook life of affluence and access just outside of Washington, D.C. Until recently, Callie’s life fulfillment came through her children to the point she barely missed her husband as he traveled extensively to campaign. But with all three children now gone, her life has an unfamiliar emptiness. Her luxurious home is too quiet. And her husband is showing no signs of wanting to reduce his business travel to be with her.Jason Cartwright, a fifty-five year old divorced father of four college-age and adult daughter, has retired with the resources and freedom to go anywhere. His unexpected choice was to buy a small, dilapidated, oceanfront cottage on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Twenty-five years earlier, Jason Cartwright was engaged to Callie Larson when she returned the ring five weeks before their ceremony.When a mutual friend shows Callie Jason’s Facebook post inviting friends to visit, she is surprised to learn that her former fiancée’s cottage is just a few hour’s drive from her mother’s home in Williamsburg. And when her husband callously abandons her for his annual boy’s golf weekend, she takes his suggestion to visit her mom giving her combined anger and curiosity the opportunity to convince her to make a daytrip to the beach to check Jason out from afar.As she is parked at a convenience store near his cottage questioning her reasons for being there, Jason pulls in to buy gas. This ‘accidental’ run-in brings them together to finish the conversations they left open long ago. All while dealing with and dodging family interjections from both sides and Jason’s new friends.Rich with raw emotion, honesty and insight, TWO ONCE REMOVED is a character rich story that analyzes the conflicts, pain and forces of lost love and regret as they affect the pursuit of happiness after 50. Can rediscovered love be enough to discard everything else both has created since they last spoke, or touched? Can young love even reappear later in life when it had such tragic results in youth?

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Book Title: Two Once Removed

Book Author: Milo Hays

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