Fallen Queen (Lost Fae Book 2)

It’s time for me to reclaim my memories…and my throne. My twin brother, Faer, wants to see me either dead or married to the sea prince and dragged into the deep. He doesn’t care which, as long I lose my claim on our throne. But I can’t abandon our people to his cruelty.At least I have three of the best knights in the four Fae kingdoms on my side:Azrael, the charming prince who hates to love me.Duncan, the grouchy warrior who loves to hate me. And Tiron, my true friend—who has his own secrets that just might drown us. Despite the dark, tangled threads that bind these princes to me—threads that I don’t even remember—can we save the Four Kingdoms?I gambled and lost them—and a kingdom—once before. This time, I have to win. Because if I break their hearts again, or if they break mine, the four of us will all disappear under the waves forever. Fallen Queen is Book 2 in the Lost Fae series, which begins with Wandering Queen. When you're a Fae princess, you never have to choose.

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Book Title: Fallen Queen (Lost Fae Book 2)

Book Author: May Dawson

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