This Love Hit Different

Bryce Hardwick knows that he is every woman’s fantasy. It’s that cockiness that aptly titles him the playa of Inglewood. Having a past that groomed him to be the ladies’ man he has become, it didn’t prepare him for the real world… or love. After falling in love for the first time, he realized what it felt like to love someone who didn’t love you back. It caused him to tone his philandering ways down. It made him aware of all the hearts he’d broken in the past. Now that he had not only a son, but a little princess as well, he knew he needed to be a better example for them.When Bryce sees Sheena, he immediately knows that he wants to be a respectable man and settle down. His career is in place and with the help of his friend, Solomon, he has his heart’s desires, materialistically. But as of late, especially after watching Solomon find love, he’s been craving that type of connection with someone. Although he realizes she’s much younger than he is, he knows that she’s the one that will complete him.While Bryce does his best to prove to Sheena that she’s made the right decision by being with him, he knows that there are elements of his life that could threaten to ruin them. The demons surrounding him about his family, upbringing, and past ideologies would have to be revealed to Sheena. Not to mention, his two baby mamas aren’t the happiest with his new-found relationship. Will Bryce be able to navigate through life’s obstacles and maintain his new relationship with Sheena? Or will it all be too much for her to deal with?

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Book Title: This Love Hit Different

Book Author: Monica Walters,T. Key

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